At STATUMEN, we offer our clients well-designed and thorough feasibility studies that carefully examine all the dimensions of our clients’ projects and all influencing factors, guaranteeing client satisfaction.We offer our clients both Preliminary Feasibility Studies (Pre-feasibility Studies) and Detailed Feasibility Studies


Preliminary Studies:

In order to deliver prime, reliable results, we at STATUMEN take into careful consideration the client’s capabilities in our feasibility studies.

Before proceeding to a full feasibility study, it may be wise to approach the project with a preliminary study before any steps are taken, so as to ascertain its feasibility. This would allow our clients to save time and money down the road. At this point, STATUMEN guides its clients through different business scenarios, aiding them in the choice of the best business scenario for their project, and thus aiding them in gaining a better understanding of it, resolving some basic issues along the way.


Detailed Studies:

If a more in-depth feasibility study is what’s needed, STATUMEN’s business consultants will work hand in hand with our client following a systematic approach to offer them all the important details and the output they need. Our business professionals are there to give you the complete, definitive answers you need to erase all doubts.
Based on conceptual engineering drawings, material take-off and specifications, we give our clients comprehensive and accurate project feasibility studies (technical and commercial). STATUMEN does this through a well-researched analysis of our client’s human and material capabilities, and all factors influencing the undertaking. Whether clients are looking into the prospects of launching a new firm, expanding an existing company, or simply a new business project, our business experts will give them the full work-up, taking into consideration the basic project estimation, its engineering and technical constraints and values, its financial estimation, the company’s cash flow, and of course its economic and commercial feasibility.

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